PEMF Infrared Heated Pad

This beautiful mat features FAR Infrared heat and negative ions therapy, which are both beneficial for healing and relaxation. It is a great place to start or end a healing journey. Our heated pad features a revolutionary pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system that works seamlessly with the human body’s biorhythm. The system’s frequency is the same as Earth’s magnetic field, which means it’s capable of promoting optimal health.

Our mats are made in factories that are under 24/7 supervision. They are made with the finest materials like gemstones and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. The first layer of the mat is made up of various layers that can help regulate your body’s natural processes. These layers can also generate penetrating heat and provide PEMF. The next step is to embed the mats with gemstones. These gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions that penetrate deep into your body’s core.

FIR (Far Infrared Rays)

Far Infrared rays are invisible and can be found on the opposite side of the spectrum from ultraviolet rays. They deliver warm rays to the body and help nourish our bodies. Being infused with this energy can help improve our health and well being.


  • FIR Temporarily Alleviates Minor Muscle and Joint Pain: Far infrared ray therapy is commonly used to relieve muscle and joint pain. It helps the body to produce more oxygen to the areas that require the most attention to improve your overall health. It’s also beneficial for people with arthritis and lower back pain.
  • FIR May Help Detoxify Your Body: Far infrared rays help the body reduce water retention and improve cellular energy. They can also help people reduce stress and improve their general well-being. Through intense heat, the molecules trapping toxins inside us vibrate and break apart, and are expelled from the body.
  • FIR Helps Reduce Minor Pain and Stiffness: There are multiple ways to improve your general quality of life through the use of infrared saunas and infrared mats. While infrared saunas are not always accessible, they can provide temporary relief for a variety of aches and pains. While they are not ideal for everyone, mats can be used on a bed to help improve circulation and relieve muscle spasms. By having access to an infrared mat at home, you can trap the heat with a mylar blanket and create your own personal sauna experience.
  • FIR Helps Relieve Minor Back Pain Symptoms: Although many treatment options are available for chronic lower back pain, none of them are very long-term or surgical. In most cases, they require a recovery period of several months or even years to achieve their desired results. Fortunately, FIR mats have been shown in studies to provide temporary minor pain relief in the lower back when applied daily.
  • FIR May Help Alleviate Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue: FIR therapy can help people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. It can provide a variety of benefits, such as improving energy levels and reducing pain.
  • FIR Improves Overall Wellness: Individuals suffering from chronic pain should consider seeking the help of thermal therapy (FIR). This treatment is a non-drug alternative that can help improve their mood and reduce their symptom. Researchers at Japan’s Nishi Kyusyu University discovered that infrared sauna heat therapy can have a significant impact on chronic pain sufferers’ overall well-being and ability to function.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

Through the use of PEMF, waves are sent towards the areas of the body that are pained. The effect is similar to a vibrating chair, and it can improve the body’s overall health and function. Aging and bodily dysfunction begin at the cellular level and, when left unchecked, results in countless unwanted and hard-to-treat symptoms. Only a few minutes of exposure a day can help you experience the benefits of this revolutionary procedure.


  • Temporary Relief of Muscle and Joint Pain: Most pain relief techniques fail to address the underlying causes of the pain, and they often cause damaging side effects. In 1993, a study revealed that exposure to low-frequency PEMF therapy for a few days led to significant pain reduction.
  • Temporarily Increase Local Circulation Where Applied: Treating conditions with the stress-relieving drug PEMF can help improve blood circulation and reduce pressure in the body. This treatment can also help recover faster from injuries.
  • PEMF Helps with Arthritis Pain and Stiffness: Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that can cause joint swelling and inflammation. In 1998, a study revealed that treating patients with a type of vitamin known as PEMF can help minimize their symptoms of the illness.
  • Helps the Relief of Symptoms of Depression: In patients with depression, PEMF therapy may be the answer. Unlike antidepressants, it doesn’t have known side effects and can provide a significant improvement in symptoms. This treatment is also known to reduce nausea and other common symptoms of depression.
  • Supplements the Reduction of Migraines: In 1999, a study revealed that treating migraines with PEMF therapy can help minimize the frequency of migraines and provide effective pain management. The treatment was also linked to a decrease in severe headaches.
  • Supports Efforts to Stimulate Bone Recovery: When a broken bone doesn’t heal within a certain timeframe, it’s considered a non-union fracture. This often leads to risky and expensive orthopedic surgery. Fortunately, there’s a way to restore non-union fractures through PEMF therapy.
  • Helps Decrease Diabetic Factors: Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) is a distressing symptom of diabetes. But, through a study conducted in 2003 researchers discovered that treating this condition with PEMF could help minimize its effects.
  • May Help Trigger Nerve Repair: A study conducted in 1993 revealed that treating rats with PEMF therapy immediately recovered their sciatic nerve injury. The findings offer hope to individuals suffering from nerve damage.
  • Further Efforts to Increase Range of Motion: Due to the reduction in range of motion caused by cervical osteoarthritis, many patients are unable to move around and remain mobile. Through the use of PEMF, these patients can regain their mobility.

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