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  • Shannon is by far the best massage therapist I have been to. I’m prone to upper back pain and after I had my first child, it was exceptionaly bad. After an hour with her though I have immidiate reliefe. Other therapist may ask questions about any issues you have before they start your massage, but a lot don’t listen or seem to be focused on getting your hour over with.
    Shannon actually listens and always makes sure your experience was what you both needed and hoped it would be. She truly care about her clients.

  • I had a wonderful experience at beni massage. Shannon is an amazing massage therapist and the environment was also very relaxing.
    My job requires to work on a computer all the time, which gives me really bad neck and back pains. After i got a massage from her,
    i started to feel brand new, all my pain were gone! She has very skilled hands and her pressure was just perfect to me. I can honestly say
    it was the best massage experience i have ever had. I have already been to her a few times and i highly recommend her.

  • I’ve seen Shannon for years. I’ve had serious back problems since I was in a car accident 30 years ago. Shannon has helped keep my back from stopping my life. She is always empathetic but most importantly skilled in working the areas to relieve the pain and keep me flexible. I’ve seen many therapist and Shannon is one of the best.

  • Shannon is a very dedicated, interested in her clients Massage Therapist. She not only wants to help you by giving you the type of massage you want/need, but is interested in you as a person as well. I have seen Shannon for several years and have followed her . I am very happy for her that she is doing what she loves to do.

  • Shannon is a very, very good massage therapist! I have gone to her for several years now! I work in a stressful job and she
    just takes away all the pain I get in my back & neck from stress & sitting in front of a computer all day. I always emerge feeling
    like a new person! She also just became certified for “cupping” , which I just received a trial treatment! Very different! Shannon
    says the benefits are just astonishing! Think I may have to follow up on this one! Shannon is multi-talented in many things and
    is always caring & thoughtful with her clients! Keep up the Good Work Girl !

  • I heartily recommend Shannon as a massage therapist. As one who is reluctant to take pain medication I was seeking a more holistic approach to manage my back pain. I was introduced to Shannon and fell in love with her massage services. She is professional and very competent. Shannon has a unique ability to either engage in conversation during the session, or quietly perform her skills. Her studio is ultra clean and comfortable. She has strong, firm, yet gentle hands that simply melt away the stress and cares of even my worst weeks.

    Michael Balkcom10/22/2013
  • I had my first session with Shannon and really enjoyed it. She give you the full time for th massage and does not use part of the massage time for gathering information. She is good and wants you to be happy and satisfied. I will definitely return and refer anyone I know to her.
    Thanks, Shannon

  • I had my first hour with Shannon yesterday – it was most excellent! 🙂 She did front and back, head to toe. When I lie on my stomach, my nose gets clogged, but Shannon provided eucalyptus vapor that did the trick. She is very proficient and her technique put me in the alpha zone – it felt like the hour was 90 minutes! 🙂

  • I had an excellent massage from Shannon this morning. She was very personable, informative and introduced me to cupping. I cannot say enough good about this massage. It was exactly what I needed! Great Hands, Great Pressure and Great Body Massage! Thank You! I will be back 🙂

  • I have had several massages with Shannon. She is the very best massage therapist I have EVER been to. I pulled the muscles in my back, arm and neck (who knows how because I don’t ) and Shannon helped to get me well. The massages and cupping worked! I could definitely tell the cupping helped along with the massage. I recommend her to everyone!!

  • I first met Shannon when she used to do massages at my OB office. I have been with her since my first pregnancy which was in 2015. To this day I will not go to anybody else besides her because honestly she is hands down the best! Shannon thank you for always making my experince amazing!

  • I went to see Shannon for the first time last Saturday and I must say that I left feeling totally relaxed and without the pain and tension in my back. She is a most experienced, informed and dedicated professional and I cannot say enough about the total experience. I highly recommend Shannon and her impeccably clean facility. I will return !

    Jack gron12/03/2018
  • I went to Shannon for the first time today. I usually get a couple massages a year. Shannon ‘s massage was one of the best I’ve experienced. She was knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. I definitely recommend her services.

    Jennifer C Parker06/20/2019
  • I always get a great deep tissue massage when I visit Beni massage! She is amazing and listens to your needs and then addresses them during the session. I was experiencing plantar fasciitis on my left foot and cupping did the trick. I am grateful for the peace I get when I’m there. The music, aromatherapy and follow up suggestions are always on point! Thank you so much Shannon! 😊

    Gina Foroi03/27/2021
  • I went to Shannon with pain in many places. The first thing I noticed was how attentive she was to each of my concerns. She is a warm, friendly person while also very professional and knowledgeable. My massage was fantastic. She worked deeply, always asking me if the intensity was helping. She spent extra time on my neck and it felt so much better. I love the oils she uses. I’m over 60, and overweight but I didn’t feel intimidated at all. She is really great!!