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Shannon McDonald
Owner, Massage Therapist

I am passionate about helping others heal and grow through Massage Therapy and Eating Psychology! The more and more I learn the more I realize how connected our bodies are mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s amazing how connected the body is through all of it’s complexity. That is why my approach to helping clients includes all three.

Why I’m a Massage Therapist:

I originally became interested in massage because it offered flexible hours, which is something I knew would in the future allow me to balance work and having a family. However, I literally have fallen in love with massage and the therapeutic professional touch it provides in helping my clients with fitness, stress management, pain relief from injury, and maintaining general well-being.

I believe in customizing my massages to each individual and thus personalize each session according to his or her preferences. For example, some clients do not like having a face massage or scalp massage, etc. Some like a certain type of essential oil in their cream, so I use that. And, some request focused time spent on just their problem areas rather than having a full-body massage. Your massage should be customized just for you because there is no one like you!

Why I’m an Eating Psychology Coach:

I was professionally trained and certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in May 2015. Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition has truly opened my eyes to a lot of things that I was dealing with personally. It’s changed my life in many ways and I know the work on myself is still not done! (And most likely never will be done! I believe we are always working on bettering ourselves.) I believe that these cutting edge techniques are what we have been missing in the conversation around food, eating, and weight. I’m hoping to use my skills to help people better understand their bodies, their relationship with food, and their physical ailments to better their lives.

I work with clients who have challenges around weight, overeating, binge eating, body image, and a number of health concerns such as digestion, fatigue, mood issues, and more. I am trained in a highly unique and results oriented approach to eating issues. It’s a holistic and empowering approach that integrates nutrition and psychology. Click here to find out more about Eating Psychology.

I have been blessed to have so many amazing clients, and I hope that I am also a blessing to them. That is why I named my business “Béni Massage & Wellness.” Béni means blessed in French. Come in to see me for your personalized session today! You can contact me at 281-858-3893 to schedule an appointment or book online on my website.

Have a blessed day!

Shannon McDonald
CEPC, LMT# 102859


My Training

Certified Eating Psychology Coach, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating – Colorado

Massage Therapist, The Relax Station – Kingwood, TX

Advanced Sports Massage


Craniosacral Therapy

Deep Tissue

Lymphatic Drainage of the Arms, Legs, and Abdomen

Neck Pain and Headaches

Contemporary Cupping Methods

Advanced Cupping Therapy Techniques


Ivanna Martinez
Massage Therapist

Born and raised Raised in Houston,Texas. I have been a massage therapist since May of 2014. I was blessed with the ability to help and aid the well-being of others. I’m very enthusiastic with my Massage Therapy education. You can call me energetic, motivated, and an over all organized individual with skills balancing the needs of various clients. I am  strongly dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service to every customer.  
With my positive attitude and excellent verbal communication, we will personalize a session just for you! Using my past knowledge along with various bodywork techniques I can definitely meet the specific needs of anyone. I can work with a 30 minute session if you have a minor focus or up to as long as 120 minute session for more thorough detailed massage. 
You can rely on me if you would like to reach the deepest state of relaxation or if you would like to work out that kink that you just can’t get rid of! I’ve been known to assist clients with physical movements to help restore function, lessen pain, and disability while promoting relaxation. Not only does the wellness take place in our office but as well as at-home care that I will recommend to the relief of tension. Also, with my expertise I will accommodate clients with assistance and information regarding techniques for postural improvement and stretching, strengthening, recreation, and rehabilitative exercises so you can be sure to have the most beneficial experience! 
Looking forward to working on you!
LMT# 120163