Products We LOVE…

The Body Back Buddy 

This tool is great for self treatment between sessions. It allows you to control the pressure and the location of where you want to be worked on. No more telling your spouse ‘a little to the left…. no a little to the right’


Way better than Icyhot! I love using this stuff. Comes in roll on version and a gel version. I’ve been told by clients that the spray isn’t as effective.


Also another great ointment to use for aches and pains… comes in Warming therapy and Cooling therapy

Hot Cold Packs

A rectangle one Can be heated in the microwave for heat therapy or thrown in the fridge for cool pack

This one is only heat but it is perfectly shaped for your neck

Low back pain:

Back Arch – Posture corrector

I’ve used this myself and love it!

Inversion Table

Another tool for correcting poster- a poster corrector brace

For Clients that are pregnant – if you like sleeping on your back this medical foam wedge is fantastic for a reclined position. It’s what we use in the studios. Don’t forget the bolster to go under your knees for ultimate comfort!


Favorite Pillow:

Essential Oil Books: