Cuddle Therapy

I really believe in the power of touch and I love cuddling very much. I believe that professional cuddling is a great service that can help people to experience touch and connection with others that is not being fulfilled by anyone in their life.

What is most important to me in a cuddle session is that you can take the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company along with the incredible healing benefits of physical affection.

Your cuddle session will be stress-free, judgement-free, and completely non-sexual.

The environment is very professional at my studio and I have gone through training specifically for cuddling through

Feel free to express your preferences on cuddling positions, I will always ask before a session, and it’s okay to not have preferences too. My goal is to create a relaxing and pleasant platonic experience for each session for you. You are encouraged to voice what you want as well as acknowledge and respect each other’s boundaries. Cuddling is a wonderful practice of consent. I ask for permission before changing positions and encourage clear communication so that you are able to relax and not worry about me being uncomfortable and having to read my mind or your arm falling asleep but not wanting to say anything. It is so nice to relax and just be together for a little while. We can touch in whatever way is comfortable for you, ranging from no-touch to full-on cuddle puddle. We can listen to music or watch a movie or talk or just be quiet together.

I do incall sessions at my studio in Kingwood, Tx. My rate is $80/hr. I require a non-refundable deposit to schedule a session of $15 that goes towards your session cost. 🙂 I typically wear a t-shirt and lounge pants or long shorts. Something comfortable!